My Basic Information

Birthday: 18 October
Sign: Libra
Relationship Status: Married
Looking for: Friendship
Political Views: Liberal
Religion: Christian – Catholic

Random Facts

I was adopted at five years old
I grew up in Quispamsis,NB,Canada
I am an Aesthetician
I have worked in retail
I am a procrastinator
I have seven parents technically (do not ask)
I have eleven siblings technically (do not ask)
I sometimes stutter
I constantly bite and chew my nails when I am bored,nervous or both
I quit smoking June,24th,2007
I had urethra surgery when I was 7
I had my appendix removed when I was 13
I got my drivers license when I was 19
I was in a major car accident this year (2009)
I graduated high school in 95
I can not concentrate easily (ADD)
I am terribly absentminded
I hate shopping
I like big dogs
I am wonderfully strange
I am a good person
I became a Feminist at 12
I have odd dreams every night
I am a Descendant of Angus MaCaskill

Personal 411

Favorite Activities :Writing, Dancing, Movies, Stand Up Comedy
Interests:Feminism, Equality, World Issues, The Human Condition, Psychology
Favorite Music:40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Bluegrass, Blues, Heavy metal, Hip hop, Jazz, Rock, Swing, R&B, Alternative